Southern tree hyrax – Dendrohyrax arboreus

Souther tree hyrax (Dendrohyrax arboreus) can be encountered from South Africa to Kenya, Uganda and Congo.

Southern tree hyraxes live in forests, they feed on leaves.

Southern tree hyrax from Nanuyki, close to Mt Kenya.

Southern tree hyraxes are related to elephants. Very little is known about their lives from the canopies, as they are nocturnal and difficult to see.

Most commonly tree hyraxes are heard. Southern tree hyrax sounds like it’s halloween.

Call and spectrogram of the southern tree hyrax from Nanuyki, Kenya

Call and spectrogram of the southern tree hyrax from Nanuyki, Kenya

Southern tree hyrax is quite adaptable to different forests, it also lives in secondary forests. Poaching is largest threat, it is also hunted by large predator birds.

As a nocturnal animal, it mostly sleeps during the days. Tree hyraxes may also come to bask in the sun during the day.

If not disturbed by humans it will also seek safety under the roofs of warehouses.

They have also many social calls. Group is formed by more tightly bonded, and most likely related, females, and males that live on the outskirts of female group. There is hierarchy in the group between males and between females.

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