Join research with hyraxes!

Taxonomy and range of tree, bush and rock hyraxes is poorly known from Africa. We hope to collect information of hyraxes based on their calls and location. This information would be very useful in the study of hyrax taxonomy and conservation.

At the moment number of hyrax species is unknown.

If you would like to help us with this citizen science project, you could do following:

  1. Send us recording of hyrax loud calls, phone recording is just fine or WAV of any other common form. With hyraxes loud calls mean that you can hear them loud and clear from a distance. These calls are different for each species.

For example:

Dendrohyrax arboreus calling in Nanuyki, Kenya

2. Location coordinates e.g. PIN with WhatsApp is great, or like this bellow with Google Maps. When you select location on Google Maps, you can simply share it

With WhatsApp it looks like this, this is excellent way to map a location

3. Time of day, when recording was made

Time is important, as it helps us identify tree hyraxes. If the identification is difficult.

Photos are excellent addition, but not necessary. You don’t need to identify hyraxes, all though if you are certain that they are tree, rock or bush hyraxes it is helpful.

You can send this information with pm


Keep your eyes and ears open for hyraxes! Thank you!

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