These pages share focuses on information and conservation of Taita mountain dwarf galago (Paragalago sp.) and Taita tree hyrax (Dendrohyrax sp.)

Remaining large forest patches in Taita Hills are only about three square kilometers. There is great urgency for both research and conservation of the species.

Taita mountain dwarf galago is tiny primate, only about 160-80 grams. It is almost extinct. It is
not yet officially identified for the science, which makes conservation efforts more challenging.

Taita mountain dwarf galago is nocturnal prosimian. It mainly feeds on insects. Animals live in family groups. They are very difficult to find. This is how they remained unknown for this long. In fact, they almost went extinct without noticing. Taita mountain dwarf galago was first described as possibly new species in 2002, but then it was forgotten. More about Taita dwarf galago.

Taita tree hyrax is 3-5 kg weighing leaf eating mammal. Closest relatives for tree hyrax are elephants and manatees. They eat leaves at the canopy, and are very difficult to see.

Taita tree hyrax is relict species. It lives on leaves and maybe fruits. These tree hyraxes are very vocal and loud. Calls of Taita tree hyrax are completely different than calls of other tree hyrax species in Africa. More about Taita tree hyrax.

African wood owl from Taita Hills

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Taita is located between Nairobi and Mombasa. Tsavo National park is in Taita.

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