Magical moment – from tree hyrax song to dawn chorus

See and listen how chorus of tree hyraxes change into chorus of birds. This is recorded in Ngangao Forest, Taita Hills, Kenya on 8.1.2022 with SM4 recorder.

How many different animal species can you hear from this recording?

This is spectrogram video filmed from screen. It shows how spectrogram goes in Raven Pro software.

From this sequence you can hear how wide range of calls are used by tree hyraxes.

This spectrogram also shows how different species have adapted to use different frequencies to avoid acoustic competition.

At first forest is full of tree hyraxes. Tree hyraxes are related to elephants and they live in trees eating leaves. Their calling activity is incredible. These animals are almost unknown to science, as they are so difficult to study.

As tree hyraxes quiet down, as sun begins to raise, morning chorus of birds begin. This happens in January in Taita Hills about 5.45 in the morning.

Tree hyrax from Taita Hills Kenya

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