AABA conference poster presentation: Distribution, population density and behavior of dwarf galagos in Taita Hills (Paragalago sp.)

Hanna Rosti, Janne Heiskanen, Simon Bearder, Petri Pellikka and Jouko Rikkinen

Dwarf galago (Paragalago sp.) from Ngangao Forest in January 2022
Spectrogram from incremental call from Ngangao
Mbololo dwarf galago, Paragalago sp. Photo Hanna Rosti, September 2021.

Calls from Mbololo Paragalagos:

Spectrogram from Mbololo Paragalago
Paragalago cocos, Diani beach. Photo Hanna Rosti September 2021.
Spectrogram from Paragalago cocos from Diani beach

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For more information contact hanna.z.rosti(at)helsinki.fi

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