Tsavo West – land of giraffes, zebras and elephants

Tsawo West is large park, where you literally can get lost (like we did). It is covered with small mountain ranges and small trees. Elephants and dik-diks are more abundant in the more dense areas, where as zebras, giraffes and many antilopes prefer more open areas for safety.

Large male with other horn broken from Tsavo West, close to Tsavo river

We drove in from Mtito Andei Gate from highway between Nairobi and Mombasa. We payed the fee through mPesa. As we were not sure if cash payments were possible. Fee for four people, two residents, two non-residents was only 63 euros, as due to covid-epidemic Kenya reduced the fees for 50 %.

Elephants close to Mtito Andei gate

From the beginning we saw elephants, lots of elephants and lots of dik-diks. First stop was rhino sanctuary, but it was open only between 16-18. Thus we only used clean toilets and continued to Chaimu crater.

This leopard turtle was among the first animals we saw.

Dik-diks are along the road
We also saw several bat-eared foxes
Scenery from Chaimu crater, where we climbing is possible. Chaimu is dormant volcano, that erupted just 200 years ago. More about Chaimu from the video we made (also added below). See how small Toyota Hilux looks in this landscape!

From Chaimu crater we continued to Mzima springs. Mzima springs is 55 kilometers from Mtito Andei gate. After long drive it is nice to be able to do a small walk in Mzima springs to see hippos and crocodiles.

Hippo group from Mzima springs
Crocodile from Mzima springs

From Mzima springs our idea was to continue to the Voi-Taveta road close to Maktau. However we could not find bridge through Tsavo river. The bridge all roads lead to was under construction, and we didn’t have a map. So we had to drive all the way back to Mtito Andei gate. As we had left from Wundanyi, total drive of the day was 450 km. Next time I will by the map in advance, you can’t trust that you could get one from the gate.

Area around Mzima springs is more dry and open. We saw hundreds of zebras, countless giraffes and other antilopes.

Animals and photos that were memorable for me are these

Red-billed hornbill
Baboon family close to Tsavo river
Paradise whydah (Vidua paradisea)

Wildlife in Tsavo West is astounding. I will definedly go back, to camp in tents for some time.

How sweet and peaceful this baboon female looks
We made this video to be shown at local schools, so that they would also learn about Tsavo West. It is also very informative for anyone planning to visit Tsavo West.
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