How to help?

These animals are almost extinct. There is urgent need for conservation of Taita mountain dwarf galago and Taita tree hyrax.

Taita mountain dwarf galago searching for insects

I don’t want to see these species go extinct.

When species habitat is destroyed, for some time species will survive, but this is only temporary. Phenomenon is called extinction dept. Viable population requires at least 500 individuals and unfortunately Taita mountain dwarf galago population size is bellow this.

Research and conservation efforts including reforestation are needed.

Research focuses on taxonomic identification and assessment for IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This official identification is necessary to proceed with conservation in larger scale.

In Taita Hills reforestation plans has been made years ago with Kenya Forest Service and researchers from University of Helsinki. Plans to increase sizes of indigenous forests protect thousands of other species, including endemic and rare birds Taita apalis, Taita white-eye and Taita thrus.

During years 2021 and 2022 research will be funded by Kone Foundation.

We have also received funding from University of Helsinki, LUOMUS – Natural History Museum of Finland, and logistical and other support from Taita Research Station.


Taita Hills would be excellent base for companies selling Carbon Credits!

Reforestation plans are already made by researchers from Helsinki University and Kenya Forest Service. Area is safe. Replanting forests would create well being for large area, both humans and all the nature. Indigenous forest are important for water catchment. Water from Taita Hills runs all the way to surrounding savannas. At the moment people and animals of the savannas are struggling as lack of water and hence lack of food. You can read more about this from my post about Elephants are pushing down trees of savannas/