If you are interested in participating in research and conservation of Taita mountain dwarf galago and Taita tree hyrax you are most welcome to.

So far I have payed everything myself and it has been a lot of money.

Donations can be made to University of Helsinki Taita fund. These donations will be used directly to the research and protection of these species. I will be personally able to decide how money is spent and report to you as funder what has been done.

My goal in this research is to protect Taita mountain dwarf galago ja Taita tree hyrax from extinction. This requires taxonomic identification of both species, confirming their range, IUCN assessment, and real in situ conservation work. These species can be protected by protecting their habitats, indigenous forests. There is also urgent need for reforestation.


Choose Taita fund and write dwarf galago or Hanna Rosti to message field.

Please let me know also that you have made donation. I will keep you posted on monthly bases on the research and behind the scenes issues. Or I can take you to the forest with me as my assistant. Or something in between.


Taita Hills would be excellent base for companies selling Carbon Credits!

Reforestation plans are already made by researchers from Helsinki University and Kenya Forest Service. Area is safe. Replanting forests would create well being for large area, both humans and all the nature. Indigenous forest are important for water catchment. Water from Taita Hills runs all the way to surrounding savannas. At the moment people and animals of the savannas are struggling as lack of water and hence lack of food. You can read more about this from my post about Elephants are pushing down trees of savannas/