Kenya Coast Dwarf Galago (Paragalago cocos) in Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya coast dwarf galago (Paragalago cocos) in Diani Beach

This tiny primate goes unnoticed by perhaps to almost all visitors in Diani Beach. When people see it for the first time it feels incredible. It is a very special moment.

In Diani Beach dwarf galagos are living on the last small fragments of indigenous forest. Most of that forest has been cleared. Diani beach is densely populated and the beach is filled by hotels.

Dwarf galagos hunt insects in the tickets of the indigenous forest

Few hotels have kept their indigenous forest. And now these forests are packed with animals. At night active are coastal sunis (tiny antelopes), genets, greater galagos and these dwarf galagos.

Are these small forest fragments enough to keep these populations alive in a long run, I guess nobody knows.

Kenya coast dwarf galagos are living on the very last fragments of indigenous forest in Diani Beach.

Dwarf galagos feed mainly on insects. In Diani Beach, indigenous forests are filled with insects of different kinds throughout the year.

Other nocturnal species from forests of Diani Beach

Also small eared greater galago (Otolemur garnettii) is common in Diani Beach and many hotels feed them in the evening with fruits. Bananas are favourite fruit of these cute primates

Greater galagos in by the pool enjoying their plate of fruits
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  1. Cool photographic report! There surprisingly many mammal species in these small fragments in Diani. Smaller ones like four-toed sengi, black and rufous elephant shrew, four-toed hedgehog, giant pouched rat, bushy tailed mongoose, white-tailed mongoose and zanj sun squirrel. But even larger species like Common duiker, Bushbuck, bushpig and african civet.

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