Short video introduction to tree hyraxes, with unique footage

Video of tree hyraxes filmed at night with night binoculars

As far as we know this is first video of tree hyraxes filmed at night. Tree hyraxes in East Africa are extremely shy, and difficult to observe. Usually they vanish in to the canopy when seen, or before humans can see them.

Tree hyraxes, and other nocturnal animals of Taita Hills

Video telling about Hanna Rosti’s research and conservation of noctural animals in Taita Hills, filmed in January 2021

Volunteer opportunities with Kenya wildlife conservation – Mwalua Wildlife Trust

Mwalua Wildlife Trust was founded by Patrick Kilonzo to provide drinking water for animals suffering from lack of water during the dry season. As Water for Elephants has been success, many more work needs to be done. Volunteers from all over the world are welcome to join

Identify nocturnal tropic animals of from thermal imaging camera recordings, answers are in the end

Test if you identify animals from thermal imaging camera. Animals in the video are nocturnal and live in indigenous cloud forests of Taita Hills, Kenya. These animals are surviving on the last fragments of indigenous forest.

Tsavo West by Peter A Mwasi

Tsavo West is one of most beautiful places in the world. And one of world largest conservation areas. This short film introduces scenery of Tsavo West and its most common animals. Peter also visits Chaimu crater and Mzima springs.

African wood owl (Strix woodfordii)

African wood owl filmed in Ngangao Forest, Taita Hills, Kenya. Filming Benson Mwakachola Lombo

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