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New fieldwork period has began. I will be working in Taita until 12.2.2021. This time we are observing animals with thermal imaging camera. It allows us to see animals without disturbing them.

This is very rarely seen suni antilope female (Rosti 2021).


Taita Reseach Station is celebrating 10 year anniversary 28.1.2021

News from University of Helsinki: Save the date: 10-year an­niversary sem­inar of the Taita Research Sta­tion

Taita Research Station is charming and welcoming. It is located in Wundanyi. Owned by Helsinki University, but it welcomes researchers from all over the world.

Taita Research Sta­tion 10-year an­niversary sem­inar, event pro­gramme:

Time: Thursday, January 28, 2021, at 9:00-16:00 (Helsinki EET).
Place: Tiedekulma Think Corner, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki, Finland.

Pro­gramme high­lights:

Chairman of the board of the University of Helsinki, President Tarja Halonen greets the audience

Taita Research Station staff greets the audience in Finland

Hanna Rosti tells about recent advances on the research of nocturnal mammals in mist forests

Olli Vapalahti tells about research cooperation with the University of Nairobi on zoonotic virology

Climatic impact of conservation and expansion of agriculture is highlighted by Temesgen Abera, Iris Aalto, Edward Amara and Martha Munyao

Role of termites in environmental sustainability is highlighted by Laura Arppe and Janne Rinne

The geodatabase and environmental sensing infrastructure of Taita Research Station is presented by Ilja Vuorinne and Mika Siljander.

Greetings from international research partners from Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway.


Taita tree hyrax is making international news.

14 News stories about singing Taita tree hyrax is out Altmetrics


Wildsolutions published page for our article, this article also has recorded calls, including some extra calls. Wildsolutions is Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program managed by primatologists and conservationists Yvonne de Yong and Thomas Butynski. Site stores recordings of vocal profiles of many nocturnal primates and tree hyraxes. This information is very valuable natural history data about populations that are under great danger because of loss of habitat and other human related reasons.


13.12.2020 Our article is out!

Rosti, H.; Pihlström, H.; Bearder, S.; Pellikka, P.; Rikkinen, J. Vocalization Analyses of Nocturnal Arboreal Mammals of the Taita Hills, Kenya. Diversity 202012, 473.


Kone Foundation granted Hanna Rosti 68 000 euros for research during years 2021 and 2022. We are very grateful for this trust. Grant was given for dwarf galago and tree hyrax research and conservation.

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